Application UI & UX Design

Right Ideas & Right Solution Can Fail Just due to the Complexity of Using It.

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are like two sides of the same coin. The UI and UX can make or break your software application. The success of your application depends on its consistent performance across different platforms.

If your application succeeds on one platform and fails on the other platforms, it will fail in achieving the targeted user group. Improving User Experience (UX) is the ultimate goal of any product design.

To enhance the UX of an application, Technigent tests every product using prototypes that help assess its quality. Our UI experts provide the best interactive architecture and appearance. To be highly responsive requires consistency in product adaptability across the multiple platforms that users work on. Our UI experts work on product adaptability on multiple platforms.

Our applications are strong in UI and UX helping you retain your brand consistency and enhancing product utility.

Web UI and UX team


Technigent’s expert team of certified web designers are well-versed with web standards and concepts like Web 2.0, Web 3.0 and bring to you the best in design including open layout width and flat design experiences.

Desktop UX/UI team


Technigent’s desktop UX/UI team starts its process by first building the application architecture. Our designers then create designs maintaining the right balance between text and graphics.

We ensure that the user-friendly interfaces can be navigated through keyboards as well. Technigent aims at creating designs that promote a balanced use of windows and need the minimum amount of scrolling.

Mobile App UI /UX Design Team


Our proficient mobile app design team puts together their creativity and technical experience to use while building innovative solutions that provide excellent user experience. They ensure that the design remains intact on all devices starting from desktop, laptops and to all mobile devices.

Technigent has colossal experience in creating mobile application user interfaces. We make use of frameworks like Bootstrap to develop mobile-friendly, responsive websites.

Our UI/UX experts create mobile designs that are in accordance to the highest industry standards. With an always-updated R&D team in place for them, our UI team is able to match the latest design trends like material design across the world.

A plethora of things are taken into consideration while designing an interface for mobile. Our CFT team which includes BA, designers, developers, QA and support team get together and decide on aspects like colour usage, gestures, type of animations, target audience, graphical representation, device compatibility and highlighting the key features of the product/website, social media integration and most importantly user privacy.

UI/UX design process (flow chart)

Wire Frame


We create a blueprint of the project which includes defining the flow, fields to be captured etc.

Prototyping & UI/UX development

Prototyping & UI/UX development

We then design mockup of the user interface and user experience to provide the client an idea about the look and feel of the design. Any feedback as per the requirement is implemented before we move further.

Designers continue with development of UI/UX by putting their expertise, knowledge and latest tools into use. Our proficient team knows how to make the best use of frameworks like Bootstrap for creating responsive design and scripts like media JS, JQuery and JavaScript within the design for great user experience.

Usability evaluation/enhancements

Usability evaluation/enhancements

We make sure that the usability of the web/mobile application is never compromised with UAT performed at every stage until the final design. We consistently evaluate the design and make minor enhancements as and when necessary to provide the best possible and user-friendly experience.

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