Manage golf club activities from any device, any place, and any time.

Keep Your Members Posted.

Instantly update them with latest developments and events.

Booking Issues?

Efficiently book and track events & tee-times.

Take Right Vendor Decision

Identify and connect to the right vendor

Wish You Had a Checklist to Manage Club Activities?

Organize Your Golf Club Maintenance Activities

Tee Time Booking, Inventory & Store Management Made Easy

Save Yourself Time and Money with Ace Golf Management

  • Secure  Secure
  • Scalable & robust  Scalable &robust
  • Customizable as per your needs  Customizable as per your needs
  • Easy to use  Easy to use
  • Mobile compatible  Mobile compatible
  • Secure and authorized access to users  Secure and authorized access to users
  • Dedicated account manager  Dedicated account manager
  • Training & On-site deployment  Training & On-site deployment

Golf Clubs often encounter problems that increase management complexities. These result into increase in operational costs due to over staffing, miscommunication, lack of collaboration and ill-managed processes which ultimately leads to poor customer care.

GolfMate – Your Companion for Golf Course & Activities Management

TECHNIGENT has a unique solution for the Golf industry to make Golf club management simpler. TECHNIGENT has designed a comprehensive, mobile compatible application to manage all golf activities. GolfMate can be accessed from anywhere and at any time, by the users on their desk, users on the golf course while attending to guest or even when you are away. GOLFMATE can be tailored as per your unique Golf club needs and is designed in a manner

Unique Value Offered by GolfMate:

Benefits to Management:

Keep Information at Your FingertipsKeep Information at
Your Fingertips

GolfMate will accompany you wherever you are. This cloud-based, responsive system lets you store and retrieve information from any device and any location.

Employee ManagementEmployee

Manage your employees and keep complete track of their attendance and schedule.

Events & CateringEvents &

Book events and manage food preferences easily. Track billings and payments instantly.

Store ManagementStore

Managing the store was never so easy. Keep track of inventory and sell efficiently.

Benefits to Employees:

Manage Your Golf Activities from AnywhereManage Your Golf
Activities from Anywhere

Golf club management solution is completely cloud-based. The system is completely mobile compatible. Whether you are at your desk or away, you can still manage club activities with equal ease.

Connect with the Right VendoConnect With the
Right Vendor

Keep a handy list of vendors. Map the correct vendor as per the services you need and get work done faster.

Manage Members Efficiently<Manage Members

Maintain new registrations and on-going memberships. Offer better services to your members by keeping track of their preferences.

Golf Course Avtivities ManagementGolf Course
Avtivities Management

Various activities like tee time scheduling, starter activity management, tee time pricing structure can be managed.


GOLFMATE has in-built POS system support that makes selling of golf items easy and quick.

Benefits to Customers:

No Time WastageNo
Time Wastage

With streamlined booking system customers/members get instant allotment as soon as they reach the club.

Membership BenefitsMembership

Members get regular notifications of offers & events. They even get alerts & reminders of their bookings to help them plan their day.

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