Effective ERP to Weave Your Business Processes.

Is manual process of scheduling appointments becoming cumbersome and confusing?

Does patient information management involve too much of unnecessary time and paperwork?

Is the staff having a tough time coordinating with each other?

As a doctor, are you not able to track down the right case histories when you want?

As a doctor, are you finding ways to record your patient visits and billings?

Helping Doctors Keep Track of Appointments, Patients and Case Histories

MobiClinic: Making Medical Practices Efficient. Know How?

  • Secure Secure
  • Scalable & robust Scalable &robust
  • Customizable as per your needs Customizable
  • User-friendly User-friendly
  • Mobile compatible Mobile compatible
  • Easy integration Easy integration
  • Specially designed for healthcare Specially designed for healthcare
  • Dedicated account manager Dedicated account manager
  • Training Training
  • On-site Deployment On-site Deployment

Doctors need to refer old patient records and case histories off and on, at various times. As the practice increases it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain these records, resulting into increase in staff. MobiClinic is a cross-platform mobile application designed for such busy doctors. MobiClinic helps doctors keep track of appointments, case history, diagnosis, fees and other medical parameters.

Key Features of MobiClinic

Scheduling & Appointment
Scheduling &
Patient Registration
Visit Management
Medical Dictionary
Wireless Report Printing
Report Printing
Clinical Notes Management
Clinical Notes

Why MobiClinic?

One Solution for All sizes of Healthcare UnitsOne Solution for All sizes
of Healthcare Units

MobiClinic works for any practice, any clinic or any hospital as it can be tailored as per the requirements. The application is feature-rich and better equipped and is developed using the latest combination of technologies.

Patient Information ManagementPatient
Information Management

Patient information can be management easily whether it is registering new patients or searching for old records. The application also takes care of billings reducing manual work drastically.

Increased Accessibility to Clinical DocumentsIncreased Accessibility to
Clinical Documents

Doctors can also access clinical notes through the app within minutes from anywhere they want. Referring to a case becomes a cakewalk.

Timely Alerts on VisitsTimely Alerts
on Visits

The application offers calendar to record visits and events. Timely alerts enable doctors to keep up with their schedule so that they never miss a single appointment.

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