Keep Tabs of Your Enquiries and Respond to Them Immediately

Track Enquiry Status, Sales Person, Follow-Ups and More at One Go

Make PurchaseOrder Management Simpler

Maintain Purchase Orders, Track Purchases & Material Movement

Streamline Your Sales Efforts

Coordinated Sales Operations to Achieve Sales Targets Efficiently

Make Your Customers Happy with Better Customer Service

Offer Great After Sales Services

  • Secure  Secure
  • Scalable & robust  Scalable &robust
  • Customizable  Customizable
  • User friendly  User-friendly
  • Mobile compatible  Mobile compatible
  • Easy integration  Easy integration
  • Dedicated account manager  Dedicated account manager
  • Training  Training
  • On-site Deployment  On-site Deployment

SmartTrade – Smarter Way to Drive More Sales & Revenue

SmartTrade is the right product for retail merchandisers to enable them to gain full control on business processes including managing operations, finances, material purchase, sales and marketing activities.

Unique Features of SmartTrade:

Keep Information at Your FingertipsBusiness Information
at Your Finger tips

With immediate access to your business information on any device, users can gain as well as feed information into the system using a range of devices from anywhere.

Modify the System <br>According to Your BusinessModify the System
According to Your Business

Unlike readily available software in the market, SmartTrade can be customized as per your business. You don’t need to change your processes. On the contrary, SmartTrade will add value to your business by aligning your people, existing processes and system.

Keep Your <br>Customers HappyKeep Your
Customers Happy

Selling your product is only half the battle; the remaining half is after-sales. Providing unimpeded after sales services to make your customers happy. We totally understand that your happy customers will bring more customers and that is why, we provide you with an after-sales module that can help you raise tickets against customer queries/complaints to resolve them faster.

Simplified Tracking of Work OrderSimplified Tracking
of Work Order

Relying on conventional communication can create unnecessary complications, confusion and delay in processing work order. SmartTrade can help you simplify your work order processing. The in-house and on-sight team can stay coordinated with a streamlined workflow. Lesser confusion and timely communication leads to faster, action-oriented working process.

Tap Enquiries & Respond<br>Them ImmediatelyTap Enquiries & Respond
Them Immediately

Record, keep track of your enquires and take timely follow-ups with a savvy enquiry management system. Increase your chances of sales conversion. Close deals faster.

Learn how the unique abilities of SmartTrade can support your retail business. Contact TECHNIGENT executive today!

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