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At TECHNIGENT, we believe in building solutions that provide enhanced end-user experience. Moreover we ensure that the solutions we develop not only match our client expectations but also flawlessly merge with their existing system.

Our ultimate aim is to develop high performing technology solutions that enable our clients achieve key business objectives.

TECHNIGENT has a comprehensive line-up of pre-defined, pre-tested systems that can not only be integrated easily with your existing business processes but also simplify your processes as well as provide added value to help you grow your business.

We carefully engineer each product to provide best in class solutions; be they web-based, desktop or mobile applications. Our dedicated R&D team not only keeps updated with the latest trends but also works on creating innovative solutions that help businesses achieve breakthrough performance as well as receive maximum return on your IT investments.

Our Products

  • Intelligent ERP to meet your Construction Business Challenges
  • SmartDocs for Smart Businesses
  • Medical Assistant for Doctors On the Go.
  • Effective ERP to Weave Your Business Processes.
  • Power up Your Engineering Business
  • Online Platform to Spread Knowledge
  • Powerful Way to Manage your Golf Club
  • Nifty Mall Management for Enhanced Shopping Experience.
  • Smarter Way to Drive More Sales & Revenue
  • Coaching Management On Cloud

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