Effective ERP to Weave Your Business Processes.

Is lack of information making you unable to provide accurate and timely quotations?

Are you unable to connect to the right vendor?

Is lack of coordination within your workforce leading to production hiccups?

Do you wish to record and track everything, including scrap?

Is your business lagging behind due to non-availability of timely information?

Increased Efficiency & Productivity with Improved Processes

Tmetric For Optimum Utilization of Resources in Right Time and Costs

  • Secure Secure
  • Scalable & robust Scalable &robust
  • Customizable as per your needs Customizable
  • User-friendly User-friendly
  • Mobile compatible Mobile compatible
  • Easy integration Easy integration
  • Textile specific ERP Textile specific ERP
  • Dedicated account manager Dedicated account manager
  • Training Training
  • On-site Deployment On-site Deployment

TECHNIGENT has closely studied the textile industry and has taken note of its most critical problems.

In order to resolve these problems and increase turnovers of the textile industry, it has specifically designed a system called Tmetric, a fully customizable textile ERP system that can be integrated with any existing business processes.

Tmetric is a feature-rich product that can offer various benefits across verticals in any textile related business.

Unique Features of Tmetric

Quotation ManagementQuotation

Tmetric offers automated production cost tracking and reports that make the calculations simplified and easy. The report helps in tracking production cost incurred in different departments. These records help in quickly determining quotations and sending it across to interested prospects without any delay.

Material ManagementMaterial

Tmetric offers the facility to record the elongation and shrinkage of material when an order is taken under process. It also has options to record the details on item level or order level.

Workflow AutomationWorkflow

Tmetric offers complete track of production process. The process is intelligently set so as to keep each key user into loop. Each user gets timely intimation of work progress which enables smooth communication among the team.

Inventory ManagementInventory

Tmetric helps you keep complete track of raw material, inventory and usage with item-wise tracking of raw material along with a track of previous purchases. It also tracks the inter-plant movement of stocks.

Grey Cloth ManagementGrey Cloth

Textile companies often face difficulty in tracking grey cloth. Tmetric offers accurate tracking of grey cloth right from its purchase, inward stock, issuance to inter-plant transfer.

Alerts and NotificationAutomated Alerts and

Tmetric sends timely alerts and notifications facilitating smooth functioning of processes. For instance, it sends a notification and alerts the purchase manager whenever items fall under minimum or re-order level. This ensures timely purchase of material. This also reduces operational costs incurred on phone calls or paperwork needed to communicate among the team.

Wastage ManagementWastage

Tmetric is designed particularly for textile after closely studying textile units. Owing to this experience, T metric offers information management to minute-levels like, ‘Chindi Management’.
Tmetric tracks wastage as well as provides ability to manage and record income generated from the sales of wastage material. A work order only gets completed upon recording the sales of wastage.

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TestimonialAmultek ERP has greatly helped us. We have been able to regulate our entire business process from raw material purchase to invoicing which was a pain before we implemented this system. We are able to focus on core things with everything fallen in place. Work is smooth, speedy and meticulous.Testimonial

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