Power Up Your Engineering Business.

Are you maintaining disparate systems to maintain business processes?

Lack of machine breakdown information causing production loss?

Unable to decide a production strategy due to unknown production hiccups?

Unable to keep track of expenses incurred on running a research?

Too much resource time consumed in preparing specific financial & taxation reports, like excise?

ePower – Get the True Value for your Time & Money

  • Secure Secure
  • Scalable & robust Scalable &robust
  • Customizable as per your needs
  • User-friendly User-friendly
  • Mobile compatible Mobile compatible
  • Easy integration Easy integration
  • Engineering/Manufacturing specific ERP Engineering/Manufacturing specific ERP
  • Dedicated account manager Dedicated account manager
  • Training Training
  • On-site Deployment On-site Deployment

When you use disparate systems to maintain business processes, it needs maintenance. Lack of machine breakdown information causes a loss in productivity and makes you unable to decide a production strategy due to unknown production hiccups.

Moreover, there is lack of keeping track of expenses incurred on running a research and too much resource time is consumed in preparing specific financial & taxation reports.

ePower – To Empower Your Engineering Business

TECHNIGENT has closely studied these bottlenecks and the business process of manufacturing units and has designed a flexible ERP system. The engineering ERP system addresses to the exact needs of any engineering manufacturing unit.

Niche Features of ePower:

Easily Integrates with 3rd Party SystemsEasily Integrates with
3rd Party Systems

ePower design is flexible enough to integrate with any third party software. For instance, if you are using separate software to maintain employee payroll and attendance, it can help you unify the system by integrating it with ERP.

Red Flag SystemRed Flag

The ERP has an inbuilt red flag system. This system enables to keep a track of machine, manpower and tool availability at any given time.

Production Planning ControlProduction
Planning Control

The ERP facilitates the users with PPC – Production Planning Control, where users can record their daily production as well as assess monthly production performance. This feature helps –

  • Identifying issues encountered while production
  • Compare planned production versus actual production
  • Facilitate information to strategize production based on past experience.

Research Planning and ManagementResearch Planning
and Management

The system makes it easy to manage research and development tasks. The system provides facility of project management as well as sample management.

Easy-to-use User InterfaceEasy-to-use
User Interfacel

ePower offers an easy-to-use interface. It provides one-time production line setup facility. Managing item-wise processes becomes extremely simple.

With a simple user interface, issues can be easily identified. As a result, management can take quick actions to streamline issues & processes.

BI and DashboardBI and

The ERP system offers various automated reports inclusive of purchase, production and sales reports.

Easy-to-use User InterfaceEasy-to-use
Dispatch Management

ePower has a built-in dispatch management feature. The system synchronizes excise and sales to get efficient dispatch process.

It also generates automated gate pass on every dispatch with an individual invoice against each dispatch within the same sales order which is not possible in any other ERP.

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