Top 7 Mobile App Development Trends for 2021

There is a lot of buzz in the mobile industry, as businesses are getting more and more curious about what could be the newest trend that will be setting a new benchmark in 2021. The year 2021 looks very promising for mobile developers, as there will be a lot more creativity and uniqueness to show in this arena.

The top 7 mobile app development trends are put together here to help you ensure get the word of mouth out for your business.

Advanced platforms offering responsive web designs

With lot of new technologies being introduced in the industry, offering new functionality with its unique features, app developers are counting on using these technologies to provide mobile responsive designs to the users. These technologies are showing consistent growth henceforth and there are sure-fire ways where mobile app development can enhance their functionality using its uniqueness.

Cloud apps are conquering the market

Witnessing the cloud technology, wearable devices and communication devices are making it apparent to retrieve the app data from any location and device which makes cloud apps taking the center stage. App developers will be seen focusing more on cloud technology while developing mobile applications.

E-commerce and Mobile go hand in hand

The love for smart phones and such devices is conquering the market as users maximize their use of app for their shopping needs. It has been witnessed that several leading E-commerce portals have shut down their website and decided to go mobile. The recent survey revealed that about 90% of traffic has been coming from tablet or smartphone devices which itself tells the tale of strong integration of e-commerce and mobile devices.

Wearable are new kid on the block

After the Apple Watch and Google Glass hitting the market, the expectations of the users have increased to get more hi-tech. Year 2021 is all about wearable devices offering richer and bigger experience of innovative punch of mobile app development. Smart watches have already made it a “HIT” becoming standalone fashionable mobile devices, hence these gadgets continues to rise and mobile developers will be seen concentrating on developing these kind of stuff which will be really challenging in terms of providing rich, and different experience to the users.

There is more to Swift Programming Language

For the iOS development programmers who have been doing usual boring stuff will find this new “Swift programming language” awesome in every sense, as this programming language provides them with a chance to write the reliable code right from scratch. Since, it is relatively new it is very much in demand. The iOS development programmers seem to be enthusiastic to gain knowledge about this so that they can have expertise over it and implement in practicality.

GPS based technology are in demand

Location based technology is still in demand and plays a crucial role in enhancing the user experience. Beacon is one of the well-known GPS technology that continues to bring in new and richer experience for many civic purposes and businesses.

Plethora of new cross platform tools

With competitive growth countersigned in the mobile application development sector and with the increase in demand of new communication devices and wearable gadgets there is a need for mobile apps mounted on cross platform tools. Some of the finest examples to share are: Unity3D, Phone Gap, Cocos2d, Titanium etc.

Final thoughts

Looking forward to the mobile app development trends of 2021, it is for sure that the mobile game developers are going to experience potential growth and progress in terms of making its rich experience for the users.

There are hardly few mobile app developing companies that considers the innovative trends of the mobile market and inputs them for mobile development. To hire the dedicated mobile app developers from Technigents for custom mobile development, Contact us now!

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