TECHNIGENT has successfully assisted many businesses in developing innovative SharePoint solutions to help them align their people, processes and system. We provide you with business automation solutions by implementing the right technology and system. We have expertise in customizing SharePoint as per your business needs and have wide experience in putting SharePoint’s out-of-the-box features to achieve the desired solutions.


TECHNIGENT team believes in constantly upgrading itself and consistently works on building creative and high-end business solutions that not only improve processes but also promise scalability and growth. Our Microsoft certified experts will assist you in creating scalable SharePoint solutions by implementing latest SharePoint features as required. Our R&D team has worked on latest SharePoint platform and is well-resourced with adequate knowledge and experience to furnish you with high-end applications using SharePoint.

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Amultek ERP has greatly helped us. We have been able to regulate our entire business process from raw material purchase to invoicing which was a pain before we implemented this system. We are able to focus on core things with everything fallen in place. Work is smooth, speedy and meticulous.

The Director of a manufacturing unit
The Director of a manufacturing unit

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