A business needs to meet various challenges today to keep up with the competition. In this race, there are times when the actual business objective takes a back seat. And that is when the business stops growing.

Well-planned strategy and intelligent processes are what a business needs to continue its growth. At TECHNIGENT, we completely understand what it takes to keep the growth process going. And thus, we have carefully designed our services that can help businesses achieve their goal.

TECHINGENT is a one-stop-shop for all your technological needs. Right from consultation to development to a complete business solution – we do it all. We have the perfect blend of experience and technology professionals having domain expertise in diverse technologies. We offered scalable services tailored as per your business needs.


When you are surrounded by questions about making your business smarter, we are here to give you the answers. Technigent’s experienced consultants will help you to:

Application Integration

Bid farewell to your worries of integrating systems to new environment – we are here to help you.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Bid farewell to your worries of integrating systems to new environment – we are here to help you.


We help you choose the right technology by studying your requirements.

Application UI & UX Design

From raw ideas to eye-catching designs and prototypes.

Custom Software Development

Developing software that fits in your existing business process.

Product Development

From imagination to conceptualization to reality – you imagine we develop.

Application Development

Developing systems to realize your business objectives.

Application Testing Services

Ensuring high performance, usability and security of systems.

Legacy System Migration

We help you maximize business performance by migrating your old systems to the new one.

Cloud Applications

we deliver software as a service over the web, eliminating the need for vast infrastructure, simplifying maintenance and support.


We take all the pains to host your system and ensure 99.9% uptime.

Support & Maintenance

Providing quick response & complete support.

Hire A Team

Dedicated tech professionals having domain expertise on diverse technologies.