Mall managers are always on the lookout of ways to attract more and more visitors. The only key to increased walk ins is; customer experience. Improving customer experience requires implementation of strategic sales and marketing campaign.

TECHNIGENT brings you effective sales agent that can help you manage as well as mobilize your mall to increase your reach and footfalls.

SuperSeller is flexible and fits any size of mall and can be customized as per unique requirements. SuperSeller helps you to effectively respond to your sales & marketing needs.

SuperSeller is a nifty application for retailers as well as customers:

Retailers can

  • Instantly send messages of new offers and discounts.
  • Show their product catalog.
  • Save significant cost incurred on marketing and promotions by sending email messages as well as notifications within minutes.
  • Always stay connected with the customers.
  • Provide map and directions to their customers which can bring more footfalls.
  • Increase customer engagement with a mobile application.

Customers can

  • Get to cafes, shops & malls from anywhere they are through the mobile application.
  • Can get regular updates on new offers and promotions.
  • Instantly find directions to the store with GPS locator.

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