• Are you having hard time searching through your enormous amount of data within files?
  • Can’t find the right information at the right time?
  • Are you always on toes to keep business-critical confidential information safe?
  • Are you not able to take right and timely decisions due to lack of timely information

Businesses large or small have volumes of information in a variety of forms such as papers, emails, USB drives, images, digital files on network etc. Businesses are always on the lookout of smart ways to easily store and retrieve information, when required.

MDocs – Comprehensive Document Management System

Get complete control over your business information with a robust DMS software.

MDocs is TECHNIGENT’s comprehensive Document Management System resolves all your document management problems. This cloud DMS solution makes document management faster and easier. You can store, retrieve, edit and share documents on the go.

Key Features of DMS Software (cloud of features)


DMS v1.0 DMS with Office Solutions v1.0 DMS Extended v1.0

Dashboard with widgets for enhanced UI and Usability

User Management

Department Management

Dynamic Folder Configuration

Folder Privileges

Document Management

Share (Runtime Document Privileges)

Document Search


Real-time Chat

Task Management





Storage Statistics

User Log

Data Import

OCR* (PDF in English)

Fuzzy Search

Gujarati Language (Screen Support) for Document Management

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