(My Consulting Practice)

Be More Focused on Your Business Growth

Put Your Administrative Chores on Auto-pilot.

Reduce Carbon Footprints. Go Paperless.

Digitalize Your Book-Keeping & Minimize paperwork.

Simplify Operations and Save Time

Easily Maintain your Clients, Courses, Sessions & Packages.

Centralized Management is the Key

Be On Cloud. Keep Offices on Multiple Locations Connected.

Stay Connected to Your Business Information at All Times

Access Your Information from Wherever You Are on Multiple Devices, Anytime.

  • Secure Secure
  • Scalable & robust Scalable & robust
  • Customizable Customizable
  • User-friendly User-friendly
  • Mobile compatible Mobile compatible
  • Easy integration Easy integration
  • Dedicated account manager Dedicated account manager
  • Training Training
  • On-site Deployment On-site Deployment

Coaching institutes face a lot of management issues every day. Large or small, every coaching institute spends ample of time in handling administrative chores which makes it difficult to focus on their profession.

MCP – My Consulting Practice!

Finally an all-rounder solution for executive coaches on the cloud!

MCP gives you the professional edge. It acts as a virtual manager that saves information, schedules classes, sends important intimations and tracks your growth.

Unique Values offered by MCP

Customize MCP as Per<br />Your Needs Customize MCP as Per
Your Needs

Your professional needs may vary. We totally understand this and provide you with a bespoke system tailored exactly to your needs.

Let Your Business<br />Run Itself Let Your Business
Run Itself

Enjoy the pros of MCP. Adopt automation for those daily administrative chores and set yourself free to focus on your coaching.

Get Desired Business<br />Information Instantly Get Desired Business
Information Instantly

Have all your client information in one place as well as get corresponding information on the packages they chose, sessions attended – everything from one location. You don’t have to spend time looking for cues within files and papers.

Centralize Management<br />on Cloud Centralize Management
on Cloud

Manage your offices at multiple locations within one single system. Since you, your employees and vendors can collaborate on a single platform, it becomes easy to exchange information and take decisions. You can even expand your business with fewer efforts.

Stay Connected<br />to Your Clients Stay Connected
to Your Clients

Invite your clients to sessions, make regular follow-ups, send post-session messages, send promotional messages to intimate them about benefits they further qualify for. Keep your clients happy.

Take Advantage of<br />Virtual Book-Keeper Take Advantage of
Virtual Book-Keeper

Automatically generate billing for clients after sessions. Get your services, sessions, clients and operations aligned. Exactly know what to charge to which client.

Effortlessly Monitor Your<br />Business Growth Effortlessly Monitor Your
Business Growth

Dashboards and automated reports make it extremely easy to track information like sessions, packages, revenue generated, cost incurred and many other activities. Make right decisions quickly.

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