Technical Solution to New Realty Marketplace

Technical Solution to New Realty Marketplace

A client that owns and runs a real-estate listing website that caters to buyers, sellers and brokers wanted to launch a new real estate marketplace platform that enables borrowers to directly access affordable real estate loans. The client had an idea about what they wanted their new platform to entail but lacked the right resources to implement the solution. Technigent offered extended technical partnership and allocated dedicated resources to work on the project. Having worked previously with Technigent, the client preferred to continue the alliance.

Technigent created a robust real estate investment web platform where people can invest money and apply for real estate loans without overhead or processing costs. The platform includes a news and press release section for immediate real estate information and a dynamic database that connects borrowers directly with investors. The client’s new platform gave them a greater reach to connect with their target market and enabled them to complete more business.

Technologies used

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