Sport Systems Online

Sport Systems Online

Sport Systems Online, Inc. (SSO) is providing sports applications to manage players, tournaments, leagues and other recreational sports activity through automatic registration and scheduling with reliable quality assurance and knowledge management in the south Florida area. They needed a new robust software solution that can integrate several web applications in one and allow users to register for different applications and manage players, galleries with payment and discount options. Technigent developed a comprehensive solution using Ruby on Rails that can access all systems so the user can update and manage information from one application.

Application features included the league manager and player profiles with elements like coaches, parents, child enrollment in location, different levels of accessibility controlled by the league’s commissioner, a convenient messaging centre, PayPal with a credit card and had an option to use a discount code. The result of Technigent’s solution was a comprehensive application that enhanced users’ accessibility and management capabilities from a single application and allowed SSO to apply recurring payment options with the discount facility and provided a whole new and enhanced online application to their customers.

Technologies used

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