SharePoint Solution for Enhanced Business Processes

SharePoint Solution for Enhanced Business Processes

The client, a leading industrial gas company with 50K+ employees at locations in 80 countries, serves more than 2 million customers. They were looking to customize their existing SharePoint environment to provide additional functionality.

Using SharePoint 2010, Technigent worked with the client to define their needs and provided a customized solution that:

  • Improved functionality and business processes.
  • Enhanced workflows for business process automation.
  • Provided approval workflow automation.
  • Enabled custom alerts and notifications.
  • Offered a favourable ROI.

Technigent’s end-to-end SharePoint solution improved processes and workflows, thereby saving the client time and money.

Features included a mobile responsive design, single sign-on to all sites, role-based and secure access to users, global search facility, cross-site document access, branding and customization as necessary.

Improved accessibility to information has increased productivity, allowing the team to run their business rather than struggle to improve collaboration.

Technologies used

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