Salesforce Integration with Quickbooks

Salesforce Integration with Quickbooks

A small retail chain was having difficulty managing their data – they were using two separate data management systems – one for CRM and another for bookkeeping.

Using two systems made it difficult to quickly and accurately gather their necessary business information. The manual search process was time-consuming, prone to erroneous data, and often resulted in delayed decision-making.

Technigent performed a bottleneck study on their existing business systems. Combining business intelligence with application integration, Technigent developed a cost-effective solution that integrated their existing CRM system (Salesforce) with their accounting software (Quickbooks).

Upon integration, the client received a 360-degree view of the business, utilizing such features as access to unified information on sales patterns, determining the ratio of leads versus conversion (see illustration), and forecasting expenses and ROI.

Technologies used

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