Salesforce Integration with Improved Workflow

Salesforce Integration with Improved Workflow

Technigent’s client, a company that hosts a telehealth platform providing 24/7 Doctors-by-Phone services, medical bill negotiations and discount health services, needed a way to integrate their SalesForce system with the MDLIVE database. Their method of manually inputting customer information to each system was time-consuming and prone to inaccuracy, so they sought Technigent’s assistance to automate communication between the two systems and improve their customer management capabilities with enhanced processes.

Technigent provided end-to-end services to enhance the client’s SalesForce account with greater functionality and integrate it with MDLIVE, enabling seamless communication between the two systems. This automation made accessing and managing customer information faster and easier, while the implementation of cost-saving workflows facilitated collaboration and enhanced process efficiency, allowing the client to access and manage lead information automatically and make improved business decisions.

Technologies used

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