Remote File Transfer Application

Remote File Transfer Application

The client develops proprietary Electronic Document Management Systems based on Microsoft’s SharePoint software platform. Their system was unable to electronically transfer large files at remote locations. Technigent, a software development company with experience in developing SharePoint solutions, experimented with various file transfer systems. Ultimately, Technigent developed a desktop-based file transfer application that used FTP file transfer. The new solution was capable of transferring large files seamlessly with automatic logging, alerts and notifications. Technigent also designed a new user interface, which helped the client quickly acclimate to the new application.

The client also required that the solution would allow files to be shared directly from one SharePoint application to another. Technigent developed a cost-effective, simple and efficient file transfer solution on SharePoint that integrated with their existing SharePoint application. The SharePoint solution provides information on each transfer case through an automated log of the case history, and users are notified with alerts for each transfer. The user-friendly interface with intuitive approach increased productivity and time to acclimate to the new system.

Technologies used

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