Rejoin Your Ex – Social & Interpersonal Skills Development Application

Rejoin Your Ex – Social & Interpersonal Skills Development Application

A mobile application that helps people to gain confidence, develop social skills and mend a broken relationship.

Our US based client is a social skills builder who helps techies to develop their soft skills through a blog and YouTube channel. The client was in need of an application that guides its users on how to repair a broken relationship, resulting in ‘rejoin your ex”.

The iOS and Android compatible application provide customized advice which makes ‘Rejoin Your Ex’ different from any other tool available in the market. The app enables the user to fill in all the problems faced based on which the advice for repairing their break-up is personalized and tailored.

Rejoin Your Ex provides step-by-step tutorials for 15 distinct break-up phases. Users get to understand the underlying issues and learn practical strategies to improve themselves and win back their partner. For every stage, users are given a complete guide on why each approach works and how it develops interpersonal skills. The application provides a fast, familiar and easy to follow interface design.

With Rejoin Your Ex, our client was able to reach a wider audience. It enables our client to get in touch with clients 24/7 and helps them solve personal problems. Several users decided to buy the premium version of the application which became an additional source of income for our client.

Technologies used

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