Raindrops Technologies

Raindrops Technologies

A water treatment plant required a solution to address current bottlenecks in their current business activities. They mostly resorted to manual processes and depended on excel sheets for record-keeping which made it difficult to keep track of their enquiries, handle work order and related purchases.

TECHNIGENT team studied the requirements and proposed to implement a proprietary ERP system and refined it as per their current business needs and processes. The solution included the implementation of a responsive web-based inquiry and inventory management as well. The ERP system offered dashboards and better reporting which increased visibility for proper decision-making. Customarily, we ensured that the client received the solution at the right cost and quality at lesser turnaround time. Right from initial communication through development and deployment, our team also ensured that the client receives after sales-support. As a result of our comprehensive solution, the client witnessed increased productivity and efficiency in the business processes.

Technologies used

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