ProTracker – Building Site Management Solution for Construction

ProTracker – Building Site Management Solution for Construction

An ERP solution for a construction company that streamlines the business processes and increase the efficiency of the user by managing employees and different job sites.

Our US-based client has been active in the field of real estate construction for years. It has a proven track record in areas like commercial, institutional, industrial, and civil construction services. Our client was using a paper-based business process where each employee was manually entering the records which were prone to human errors so the client was looking forward to a digital solution that would streamline their process and increase the efficiency of their resources. Also, the custom solution should help them control budgets, payroll, manpower, material, tool and employee scheduler. Additionally, they wanted the resolution to show work status and generate various high-level view reports on overall operations management.

A web application along with mobile app was built for all registration and reporting functionality. To keep management as simple as possible and maximize the ease of use for employees, we decided to build a mobile app that would work both on Android and iOS devices. Users can add and manage multiple sites and subsites simultaneously and control access to these. The system is well versed to handle large no. of the user database.

The mobile app is facilitated with the QR scan feature which scans the employee QR code and sends the employee in/out time i.e. attendance of the employee to the web application for payroll generation. The QR scan is also used in tool inventory to track the tools i.e. the employee needs to scan the tool when it is issued to them to avoid the case of tools being lost. Also, they can track material order using the mobile application.

The integrated solution fills in our client’s budgeting, payroll management, and manpower tracking requirements. With this tool, the company can increase productivity, reduce overhead cost and collaborate better within the team. The solution increased the accuracy of their time and attendance tracking and helped boost staff productivity.

Project Highlights

Mobile applications part of solution makes it accessible from anywhere, anytime.

Effective time and cost estimation.

Secure logging of hours spent and progress

Reports for better decision making.

Building Site Management Solution for Construction

Technologies used

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