Project Management on SharePoint

Project Management on SharePoint

A High Profile Information Technology company sought the expertise of Technigent to find ways to leverage technology to improve their business operations. As business solutions architects, Technigent analyzed the processes of the IT Company, learned their challenges and objectives, and realized there were areas where efficiency could be improved through automatic processes. Technigent implemented a project management tool using SharePoint that automatically tracked the status of tasks to ensure that resources were being used productively and efficiently.

The auto-tasking tool automated parts of the business process, such as sending the correct billing information to clients, and eliminating duplicate processes. Employees were empowered by an auto-tasking checklist, where they could view weekly, daily, and monthly items to ensure tasks were completed on schedule and in the correct order. This helped to break down project complexity and allowed projects to better adhere to a workflow that would take them through the complete lifecycle of development.

Technologies used

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