Natarani Event management App with Barcode Scanning

Natarani Event management App with Barcode Scanning
Natarani Event management App with Barcode Scanning

A cross platform mobile application and backend admin panel for cultural events management.

Our client Mallika Sarabhai is director of Darpana Academy of Performing Arts where the arts meet society, to inform, educate and transform. In the past 66 years, the academy has taught art to over 25,000 graduates and organized nearly 11,000 performances across 90 countries. The organization was looking for a solution that would help them to market and support their events better.

The mobile application displays a list of upcoming events. Users can inform themselves about the event and order tickets. Users can then select their preferred seat and pay from the application. An e-copy of the entry pass is generated, that is scanned on the event day. The user is encouraged to register with the academy to receive updates on events and special offers.

A barcode scanning solution was developed, that is used to scan the guest’s unique barcode while entering the event. The system supports in looking up client information from the ticket or guest list, show attending and absent members and provide management reports on attendees (eg. gender and age statistics). Information can be exported to excel/pdf by the admin user.

We were very happy we were invited to attend the application launch with Padma Bhushan Mallika Sarabhai. The client is happy to be able to inform their audience even better about upcoming events and provide a ticketing solution that makes it very easy to book tickets and visit events. Also the operating cost of events reduced with the help of this application.

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