Mobile friendly Web-based Construction ERP Solution

Mobile friendly Web-based Construction ERP Solution

A construction company encountered numerous collaboration and communication problems on day-to-day basis within the organization. Information was scattered all over the system and it was becoming increasingly difficult to keep entire staff on same page. Builders could not keep a systematic track of inquires, status of customer follow-ups, material requirement on the site, purchase and inventory.

The company sought assistance of Technigent in order to rationalize the entire business process. Technigent, with its vast experience, quickly managed to grasp client requirements and developed an ERP system. Technigent employed latest MVC architecture and built the system on Microsoft .NET framework. This new system benefited the client in many ways. The system is made completely mobile-friendly enabling the user to access the system easily on mobile. Each and every function that can be performed from web panel can easily be performed on mobile. This completely responsive solution makes the system portable and accessible from any device. The client now has the freedom to access the system securely from any device. All business related information is made available on the go.

The system facilitated security and confidentiality of information with its robust roles and rights management. Customer relationship became extremely easy. Builders no longer had to depend on sales executives and their reports to find out follow-ups with prospective customers. Site promotion also became easy as users could customize email template and choose to create single project site or multiple project site campaign and also select the type of audience he/she is targeting. Sales and lead management offered facility to capture new leads in bulk and flexible features like assigning leads to sales people or associating the lead to a campaign. One of the main benefits of the system is it requires minimum user input. Once a user fills up a form all relevant information in the following forms get auto-filled minimizing the time and effort of the user. Approval workflows are designed to ensure no information falls through cracks. By and large the system leveraged collaboration and communication by filling the gaps and integrated all the processes and information in a single unified direction.

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