Mobile Collaboration Solution

Mobile Collaboration Solution

Collabomate is a mobile application that Technigent designed for a client in order to allow teachers and students to better connect and collaborate in educational settings. Collabomate is a native IOS application providing a platform for teachers and students to discuss thoughts, questions, or suggestions on assignments.

Teachers and student can become project admins by creating new projects, which they can manage, sets goals on and invite others via email/facebook message. The app helps study groups stay on the same page and benefit by interacting with their peers and teachers. Members can also rate comments on a scale of 1-5, incentivizing honest and thorough discussion. Group members get access to a dashboard displaying the status of all the projects they have created or participated in.

Collabomate gives students and teachers alike a greater opportunity for learning and teaching potential simply by giving its users more opportunity to interact and work together toward common goals.

Technologies used

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