LYNX – Logistics solution

LYNX – Logistics solution

A mobile application that connects shopkeepers and independent drivers for the fast delivery of food and parcels.

Our international client is a tech entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in information technology. The client required a mobile solution to help shopkeepers who want to transport packages and food connect with independent drivers to do the job for them.

The solution supports fresh delivery of food and fast delivery of packages in an efficient way. Whenever the demand arises, the shopkeeper places a delivery order. For this purpose, two mobile applications were developed using the Xamarin framework: one for the shopkeepers to place delivery orders and one for the drivers to fulfil them.

With the applications, the shopkeeper can see which drivers are available and approach them directly through the app. The driver confirms the pick-up and transports the item. Shopkeepers can track the transport in real-time on the map. After closing the order, the driver is rewarded with a commission based on the order.

Our client’s customers transport their packages & food in minimum time at a relatively low cost without having to invest in a transport service of their own. With the application, our client earns on the commission taken from transport orders.

Technologies used

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