Lead Assignment Automation

Lead Assignment Automation
Lead Assignment Automation
Lead Assignment Automation

The client is a financial consulting service company that collects, qualifies, and delegates leads. Previously, lead documentation was performed manually, and their use of Salesforce was limited only to recording leads. They needed a dynamic lead automation solution that would keep their information organized in a central location with automated task functionality. Technigent enhanced the client’s existing Salesforce system by developing an automated lead assignment feature. This Salesforce automation enabled the client to easily manage and assign leads by tracking their locations and assigning them to the appropriate expert. Technigent built various features into the system, including lead calculation, automated emails and alerts, and an automated calling service. Technigent created custom page layouts that improved the look and feel of the site, made navigation easier, and enhanced its usability. As a result, the client is now able to customize reports in tabular and matrix formats, which can be shared and saved within the system, along with automatically recording activity histories. Technigent’s integrated solution provided automated processes that saved time and enabled them to stay up to date on leads and vital information. 

Technigent also provided the client with the following capabilities:

  • Collect inquiries from their website, which are saved as Advisors and Leads in the Salesforce protection environment.
  • Send emails to Advisors and Leads, as needed, and send emails when a task is created and a field updated.
  • Custom page layout views for better look and feel.
  • Create custom reports in tabular and matrix formats.
  • Integrated API for third party automated calling services.


Technologies used

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