Kids Brain Teaser

Kids Brain Teaser

Kids’ Brain Teaser is a fun and educational cross-platform application for Android and iOS that teaches language and communication skills to kids.

The app features a unique, interactive teaching method designed to enhance familiarity with the alphabet and improve phonemic awareness, helping children recognize both written and oral rules for spelling and pronunciation.

The app displays alphabets from four languages with various words and images associated with each letter. The platform prompts users to drag and drop the right words and image boxes to the relevant location, rewarding users for correct answers and giving helpful advice when they answer incorrectly – rather than telling users the correct answer, the app gives them the tools to arrive at the right answer on their own. Users can climb four levels of difficulty, each of which offers a different learning experience. Technigent developed Kids’ Brain Teaser to sharpen language abilities and develop real-time problem solving, critical thinking, and recognition skills. Parents and children alike have found the app to be a useful and engaging tool that doesn’t just make learning fun, but delivers results that last a lifetime.

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