Intellectual Property cases Management tool

Intellectual Property cases Management tool

Web-based solution for managing and filing Intellectual Property law cases, with court website integration API.

Nanavati is an internationally renowned provider of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) legal services, with clients in the United States, Europe, China, etc. The company is an active promotor of Property Rights and has conducted seminars to increase awareness about IPR. Our client was looking for a web-based solution that would help manage their court cases.

The app supports the storage and management of client and case information and retrieval of relevant information. The web-based solution automatically retrieves the daily status of cases from court websites through an API. The user can enrich this information for each case.

The solution supports case registration, associate advocate allocation, opposition advocate allocation and registering details of the opposition party. Billing and follow up of payments are included in the solution, as well as sending emails and filing received emails. Also, several reports are available that support decision making.

The client can access all case-related information from one source. They can easily and quickly search clients, case information and stay up to date on the case status. Additional features such as billing, follow up of payments and email integration helps to manage court cases with maximum efficiency.

Technologies used

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