Inquiry Management System For BRDS Admissions

Inquiry Management System For BRDS Admissions

Inquiry Management System to track and maintain all incoming inquiries for a Design Training Institute. The streamlined module ensures personalized follow-ups and better user experience during admissions.

The client runs a premium design institute for the last 13 years. The institute has 23 coaching centers across the country that provides various designing courses. The client was finding it difficult to get a centralized view of all incoming inquiries at any given time through the manual inquiry system. Besides, there was a dip in the volume of admission because of lack of timely follow-ups. To manage all the inquiries across 23 centers, we developed an Inquiry Management System that provides a centralized administration.

The system helps our client track, maintain and analyze all inquiries that come in at a given time in each center. The client can integrate queries by adding all the branches, courses offered, hostel’s information and mode of marketing used. The online solution enables mobile access to smart data for inquiry status at all the centers. The system therefore not only facilitates centralized management, but also supports in customized and prompt follow-ups, leading to higher admission numbers.

Our client can now track students at various stages of prospecting, issue resolution, fees payment, or document submissions. It enables further actions of follow-up based on the level of student's admission. The system offers various reports and dashboards based on the data fed into the system. The interactive panel helps the user to get a quick and effective view of the performance of the admissions team at all 23 centers and get a student-level status tracking facility. With Inquiry Management System, the response speed of our client’s company to students’ inquiries and the prospect to client conversion rate has gone up significantly, resulting in more admissions. This was made possible by managing all inquiries made, tracking their status, and finding the most effective mode of marketing. It also helps the applicant to get better support from the institute and facilitate successful admissions.

Technologies used

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