Innovative Mobile Messaging

Innovative Mobile Messaging

My Easy Media is an innovative new messaging system that will redefine the way you communicate with others. Now you can communicate fluidly with your contacts without any made or medium barriers.

Simply use the app to create a text, voice, image, or video message. Then send the message to your desired contact. If they have My Easy Media, your contact will be able to receive your message. If they don’t have My Easy Media, your message will be sent to their email.

My Easy Media makes use of cutting edge media technologies like text-to-speech. This allows users to send a voice message during times when they cannot use your voice, like in a meeting. Alternatively, you can hear all the texts you receive as voice messages when you cannot read texts, like when you are driving. All your conversations are recorded and saved on the app, so you can easily access conversation logs at any time.

Technologies used

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