Flooring Tiles Showcase Platform

Flooring Tiles Showcase Platform

WordPress website that helps Brampton Chase, a flooring tiles manufacturer, to showcase all their products on an online platform.

Bramton chase is a well-known international manufacturer and seller of vinyl flooring tiles. The company was seeking for a website to attractively showcase their product portfolio. We developed a WordPress website in brochure style where we categorized all the products, making the platform more user-friendly.

Visitors can view the products and read the information available on the e-commerce site. The product page contains interactive, engaging action buttons and useful content that fits well with the overall feel of the website. Visitors can easily order samples of vinyl flooring tiles from the product page or get in touch with the retailers for further inquiry.

The site also serves as a guide for installation and product care. Signing-up for the company’s newsletter enables visitors to get regular news updates and upcoming offers.

Educating prospective clients is an engaging way to increase business. Improved management of the product portfolio allows the client to make better offers and provide better service. The client has also reported a much higher number of visitors on his website.

Technologies used

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