Field Tracking & Productivity System

Field Tracking & Productivity System

GEO – based application to track vehicles and orders for an electronics manufacturing company that needed to streamline its logistics function.

Our client needed to monitor its field staff movement. Many aspects of the journey – source, destination, start time, delivery time and the real-time location of vehicles were untracked which led to a lack of insight in the logistics efficiency. We designed an Android and iOS compatible GPS based tracking application to track employees on their field route.

Before starting the journey, employees set their mode of transport. The app facilitates the client’s employees to mark the Start and End Journey along with intermediate Check In and Check Out throughout their entire route. To keep complete track of potential customer details, the field employees can quickly collect and fill in the customer’s details like company name, client name, contact number & comments before Check Out.

The registered data is used to analyze and improve efficiency. The application calculates the total distance traveled and time duration covered by the user accurately. The data obtained is important input for the improvement of logistic efficiency. Several reports were designed to accomplish this objective. The GPS based mobile application for monitoring and analyzing logistic movements has led to several important new insights that allowed our client to improve their logistic processes. This has significantly improved productivity. Management reports provide all required information to analyze driving and contact times, fuel consumption, and the efficiency of routes taken.

Technologies used

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