Club Accomodation Booking Solution

Club Accomodation Booking Solution

The owner of a world-class golf club wanted a mobile application to keep in contact with members and provide them with information and updates about club events and resources.

Technigent built a cross-platform mobile application using PhoneGap, with an admin panel created in ASP.NET MVC. The app targets a diverse audience on a range of devices with news and events using an RSS feed. The club has accommodation facility as well and through the app, club members can view a calendar to check room availability and book reservations, as well as access a regularly updated photo gallery.

The Technigent solution proved a cost-efficient and effective way for the client to connect their members and prospects with news and information. The dynamic room booking management solution made handling accommodations less complicated, created a new way to book rooms, and increased revenue. By targeting a wider audience with a cross-platform mobile app that works on multiple devices the client was able to successfully explore new channels for income and member outreach.

Technologies used

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