Clinic Photo

Clinic Photo

SharePoint integrated mobile application for a renowned cosmetic surgeon. Clinic Photo was crafted to assist doctors in determining the potential results of cosmetic surgeries.

Our international client specializing in skin treatment and surgery for over 20 years was facing issues in bringing the exhibit functionality of his clinic to the client. We designed an intuitive, integrated iPad application that would assist the surgeon to exhibit the cosmetic possibilities to patients and their potential outcome. Usually used during the consultation process, this helps the patient to decide on the type of surgery needed.

With the combined capabilities of iOS, SharePoint and ASP.NET; web APIs were able to address and spot all the glitches that our client was confronting. Not only does the application facilitate the surgeon to feed details such as new patient’s personal information and the details of the treatments, but also read data from an existing SharePoint database that is presented in a client-friendly manner.

Predicting the results or success ratio of cosmetic surgeries can play a decisive role in converting clients. The appearance is a highly sensitive matter can make clients nervous and confused. Our solution helps them to ascertain the result of surgeries as well as to decide which operation to choose. Our client received positive feedback from patients on the clear and modern approach. A patient generally became more confident in the surgery outcome, leading to a higher conversion rate.

Technologies used

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