Application integrating existing data with a CRM system

Application integrating existing data with a CRM system

A Leading auto dealership Company provides used car dealership and auto repair services, having multiple locations. They must keep up with the demands of a growing number of automobile owners in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. They needed a new solution to meet a growing demand for their business to provide efficient customer service, which can track data through tight integration with their existing website that can update and send alerts automatically to their customers. Technigent developed a comprehensive application that integrated the Company’s existing automated system data with a customer relations management system.

Technigent also created web services that can update data and can send reminders automatically and company’s data can be shared with a database from existing website i.e. vehicle was due for a part change or service, they could be sent a reminder from the new system. As a result of this new solution company’s data can be synchronized and integrated across the organization with a scheduling facility from various locations through the website. Customers can easily view and maintain their data with reward points, service history and multiple reminders and company’s sales and marketing team are empowered to improve customer satisfaction and better customer relations.

Technologies used

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