Application Enhancements & Workflow Management

Application Enhancements & Workflow Management

Client is a USA-based company with an app that enables customers to create and order badges from the location they visit. Unfortunately, they were facing workflow issues and problems with their codes, and their GPS functionality was not working properly.

Technigent met with the client to understand their business needs, and offered a solution on Native iOS and PHP technologies, that enabled customers to create, grab, and purchase badges, and:

  • Enhanced UI/UX to make their app more user-friendly.
  • Eliminated the bugs from the source code and workflow.
  • Added additional features such as e-commerce that increased their functionality and ROI.
  • Provided support for the latest OS
  • Resolved issues and providing ongoing support with the admin panel, website, and iOS app.
  • Added a badge purchase module with payment integration.
  • GPS functionality was restored which could now enable accurate listing of badges.

When completed, the application will provide enhanced abilities to create and order badges.

Technologies used

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