Stock Management Application

The client is a stock and finance company. They wanted to create an application for financial stock management and trading where users can buy/ sell stocks, search and monitor transactions.


The client had an existing system to manage their clients and their portfolio. Also, stock prices had to be imported at regular intervals due to the price change. This information had to be obtained in real time. The major challenge was the client’s inability to provide access to their database. It was not even possible to create a web service to import the data.


TECHNIGENT had devised a unique solution in order to import all the required data from different sources through XML Data Island. We had set up a process to have the information export in the XML file and import it into the new system. The users can create their portfolios and bid on stocks and get all the required information handy.


TECHNIGENT offered the client with a unique and highly cost-efficient solution. We created a web interface consisting of reports and charts and provided them access to account information, account summary, news feeds, account holdings etc. We also created native iOS and Android application that allows users to buy/sell stocks, view transactions, manage portfolio and get latest news right from their mobile.


The client got an intuitive application that helped them improve academic performance and increase student participation in their educational program.

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