Cloud Solution on SharePoint

  Cloud Solution on SharePoint
  Cloud Solution on SharePoint

Tripsta is an online travel agencies that offers discount fares to worldwide destinations. Tripsta uses SharePoint for their back office process, and were experiencing many workflow errors. They also needed to add workflows and enhance their existing SharePoint system.

Technigent provided a cloud-based solution by implementing Office 365. By creating a sandbox solution, the team created a web part to display user requests. An application was also created that combines and filters requests from all departments (e.g. HR, Administrative etc.) onto a single screen and track their status.

Features included Purchase order workflow, Request submittal, Web part integration of ‘My Requests’ that shows requests placed by users and email template creation.

Technigent provided an enhanced and customized solution as well as streamlined and accelerated their approval process through workflow automation. Customized existing workflows as to meet Client’s requirement and added new workflows. We are also providing ongoing maintenance support currently.

Technologies used

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