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Application To Reduce Food Waste
Application To Reduce Food Waste
Application To Reduce Food Waste

Online marketplace, consisting of several web and mobile applications for the textile business. This platform can be used by all sectors in the textile business, to connect, interact and conduct business.

Historically, the textile sector is a sector that highly relies on personal contact and is relatively informal and unorganized. To support the market processes, our client – a textile company - required an online marketplace that supports connecting companies, exchange information and do business. This platform should be open to all involved in the textile business. We developed a B2B portal explicitly designed for this purpose with social media capabilities.

Various textile entities like agents, traders, weavers, embroidery houses, mill houses, etc. can search and connect effectively with each other through a comprehensive application suite of mobile (iOS & Android) and web applications. Textile related companies register themselves, create their profile, input and manage their portfolio and search through thousands of products and place orders and inquiries instantly. If required, privacy options in the portal enable the user to hide their information from specified audiences.

Call-up functionality is provided: by clicking on a link, the user can directly make a phone call to the related company or contact person. The portal also supports sales & delivery processes and helps users to stay connected with potential buyers and sellers. The web portal and mobile application are built using .NET framework, MVC, objective C, Eclipse and Java.

By using the portal, entrepreneurs and companies from the textile industry can easily search buyers, sellers and other relevant parties.It helps them to maintain contacts, get more business and develop more efficient business interaction.

Technologies used

iOS Android .Net
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