Doctor Portal

Doctor Portal
Doctor Portal
Doctor Portal

A medical practitioner, connected with one of the reputed hospitals in the state, came up with a novel idea of creating an application that could help patients or their loved ones to consult some of the finest doctors remotely.

The team at TECHNIGENT made use of cutting-edge technologies like .NET MVC, Objective C, Eclipse and JAVA to build a solution that not only helped patients or their loved ones to send reports and get advice from the specialists but can also have a word with them on video conference. The application has a ‘Suggest Me’ feature wherein the patients can get suggestions as to which specialists to consult and get right advice. There is also a group discussion functionality available where the patients/medical support/loved ones can discuss the ailments with a group of doctors.

The application is made available on web as well as major mobile platforms like iOS and Android. Starting from gathering requirements, TECHNIGENT deployed a complete team who took care of system architecture, building a roadmap, screen definition, development and time-to-time evaluation with the client with prime emphasis on better performance and scalability.

By partnering with TECHNIGENT the client received a full-fledge team having knowledge of diverse technologies. The team not only steered client’s idea into the right direction but also ensured that the application works across diverse platforms.

Technologies used

 .NET MVC iOS Android

Case Study

The client is a medical practitioner providing his services to one of the reputed hospitals in the state...

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